Sunday, May 24, 2015

I-4 invasion Round 2

My second game was outside, I'm not saying that as an excuse or anything. Gaming outside sucks. It was hot and humid. The sun was in my eyes, ok that part I'm lieing about. 

My second round opponent was David, a vanilla Panoceania player. We played the mission supremacy. I chose turn order and that was a mistake. The board has virtually no cover on my side. I figured going second was a good idea for the mission. 
After barely making it out of the first turn of pano shooting I tried my tried and true tactic of using the dogs to kill as much as possible. Yeah, that didn't work. Bad dice and msv3 with an HMG in an elevated position make for a bad day. I had a Cameronian immobilized by a electric pulse from a baggage bot WTF! Did I mention it was hot. 
I did manage to keep David on his side of the table and keep the quadrants tied until the end of the game. David was able to hack only one console.  I ended up losing 4-1. 

Then it was lunch time. We had some pretty good BBQ. 

Up next Round 3 and as you probably guessed more Pan-o

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